Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

Amazing discoveries (of the unpleasant kind) and: Help is near!

As mentioned, the Porsche got rear ended, about a month ago. In the meantime the insurance issues are almost fully solved, so I started the dismantling. What I found was not so nice!
To make sure the Strosek bumper will fit properly, it was glass-fibered onto the metal and the paint was removed, so the bumper was laminated onto raw metal. Apparently the whole area wasn't 100% water proof, so, over the years water entered those areas and did a good job!

look at the butchery to make the bumper a good, flush fit!

Obviously, this panel has to be replaced! I contacted my local Porsche dealer just to learn this specific panel is NLA!(no longer available). I searched the internet and found a British company which advertised this panel (for crazy amounts of money) - but it was my only chance, So I ordered online and tranferred my hard earned money - The next day the company replied: Sorry this part is NLA, we will refund your money!

Now I was screwed - how to repair the body without the proper panel? Just by chance I browsed and - believe it or not, exactly this panel was in an auction, ending 3 days from there. I entered a bid in the last second and luckily (again) I was the only bidder and got it for a reasonable price.
Today it arrived and I have to say that I am well chuffed, it is dent free and was shipped in a lot of protective material - see for yourself:



  1. Da hast du aber echt Semmel gehabt.
    Beste Grüße

  2. Hi Jensemann,
    aber echt! Heute ist das Auto zum Karosseriebauer gegangen! Mal sehen wie lange es dauert bis der wieder glatt dasteht!