Sonntag, 22. April 2018

Clutch slave cylinder, take 2...

After exactly 6 months, the clutch slave cylinder gave up again. On my way to work the pedal slipped down and didn't came back. Luckily, there was a little fluid left so I was able to shift the gears and ride the car to work. I called a friend who brought along some brake fluid to top up the tank for the way home. That worked o.k., so I managed to drive the Porsche back home without harm to the gearbox.
When I checked from below the vehicle, an already familiar failure was obvious:
Hydraulic fluid from the slave cylinder on the clutch fork...
This time, I wasn't interested in yet another cylinder repair, I ordered a new one. While I was at it I noticed that one of the contact points on the starter motor was broken, too. Somebody messed with it already, as there some traces of silicone and bodged repairs...
There is a lot of current running through these wires and I am not keen to see the car bursting into flames - This had to be fixed, now!
A new starter costs ~300 € - but the starter itself was working perfect, only the starter magnet was bad. Luckily I found a new replacement starter magnet for 30 €. The repair was a little tricky because someone has been here before:
Nothing a drill bit can't handle... The replacement fits perfect and also works like a champ.

 Also, the sticker says o.k. - so it must be good then, right?
All contact points are exactly the same, fitment is perfect, the only difference is a Philips screw instead of a 8 mm hex nut to attach the starter signal cable. Time will tell how good it works...

Now on to the clutch cylinder story: The repair set from Porsche was definitely o.k. - I guess it was me who messed up. The inner surface of the old cylinder just wasn't clean and smooth enough, before I re-assembled the service kit. It only took 6 month to wear out the new seal. This time I ordered a brand new cylinder:

Here it is, already assembled to the clutch bell housing.
Bleeding the system was a little tricky, but now the clutch and starter a fine again!