Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017

lowering job, part 2; a new stainless exhaust and a crash!

2 weeks ago, I was able to finally lower the rear end, too, now the stance is just right!
I had several issues with the front struts, there were knocking noises which I fixed after several removal and assembly sessions.

Last weekend I installed the stainless Dansk exhaust. This is the old, tired exhaust (I know the heat shield needs some work, as well as the diff housing...)

and the shiny new Dansk exhaust:

Note the modified rear hangers to accomodate the rear bumper without exhaust cut-out

and I replaced the amber indicator lenses with clear ones:

I was well chuffed and all was good, until this morning, when I got rear ended on a red light:

rear apron badly reshaped:

Apparently it flexed back, as the flange on the trunk floor is also heavily deformed!
The damage is severe, luckily I got away with a little shock and some neck and headache! I hope all goes well with the insurance. The sad part is, that the vehicle was damage free for 31 years!