Montag, 29. Februar 2016


Yesterday I removed the driver seat and I found a "vintage" 5 DM coin! This is what we called a "Heiermann" at the time and it made me smile! It wasn't only money, it was so much more! It was a size definition : Whenever there was a rust spot under a car - it was always "5 Markstück groß" - always!
And also what grandpa or grandma gave you on the weekends - but only if nobody else could see it :-)
Man, this was something - A warm feeling which a 2 Euro coin will NEVER provide!

Also, there were 2,05 Euro under the same seat. Let's see what's under the passenger seat later - but for now, the driver seat will be repaired first. The passenger seat is (still) o.k.!

(Phew, not too late for a "February" post - luckily there is a 29th this month...)