Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

Amazing discoveries (of the unpleasant kind) and: Help is near!

As mentioned, the Porsche got rear ended, about a month ago. In the meantime the insurance issues are almost fully solved, so I started the dismantling. What I found was not so nice!
To make sure the Strosek bumper will fit properly, it was glass-fibered onto the metal and the paint was removed, so the bumper was laminated onto raw metal. Apparently the whole area wasn't 100% water proof, so, over the years water entered those areas and did a good job!

look at the butchery to make the bumper a good, flush fit!

Obviously, this panel has to be replaced! I contacted my local Porsche dealer just to learn this specific panel is NLA!(no longer available). I searched the internet and found a British company which advertised this panel (for crazy amounts of money) - but it was my only chance, So I ordered online and tranferred my hard earned money - The next day the company replied: Sorry this part is NLA, we will refund your money!

Now I was screwed - how to repair the body without the proper panel? Just by chance I browsed and - believe it or not, exactly this panel was in an auction, ending 3 days from there. I entered a bid in the last second and luckily (again) I was the only bidder and got it for a reasonable price.
Today it arrived and I have to say that I am well chuffed, it is dent free and was shipped in a lot of protective material - see for yourself: