Samstag, 27. August 2016

Mittelmotor Sommerfest

Today my friend Olli and myself took a ride to Bochum to the Mittelmotor Sommerfest.
It was really impressive to see their workshop and some customer cars:

 The next Mittelmotor historic racecar:

Porsche 914/V8 with steel roof and 928 V8 engine!

 In the workshop:

Also my wallet got a little lighter, a pair of spring plates and a stainless exhaust were too cheap to ignore:

Freitag, 19. August 2016

# Stance

However you want to call it, every car shall sit right and the wheels should be in the perfect spot of the wheel wells. From day 1 I always thought the wheels are way too much inside of the wheelwells, just like the axles were to narrow.
I found 2 sets of H&R wheel spacers for cheap on ebay, 21 mm per side for the rear and 28 mm per side for the front.
Here is the result:



 Especially the rear looks far better!

The keen eyed might see that the polishing of the paint was a success as well, there are actually real reflections on the paint again!