Samstag, 6. Januar 2018

A nerve wrecking job...

I managed to attach the Porsche script onto the back - which is a nerve wrecking job. I measured and adjusted the 2-piece sticker for almost 2 hours, before I finally attached it! A special thank you goes out to my friend Rui, which allowed me to use his hoist - otherwise this job is almost impossible to achieve!

First I marked the center of the vehicle and the center of the sticker, then I attached a few strips of tape in the center and below the tail lights to mark the perfect height  (these mark ups have to be in an area between the individual pieces of the sticker):

On the upper protective layer of the sticker I marked the upper and lower edge of the text, then I cut away some bits of the protective layer in those marked areas, so I was able to adjust it perfectly right:

Marking and lines are matching...

.. on both sides:

Then it was time to take a deep breath and finally attach it, this is the result:

I Also bought some 3M Scotchcal adhesive to black out the area between the tail lights:

and here is the direct comparison:

I like the contrast, it makes the rear look wider and less boring :-)

Currently I think about a black 3M gravel guard sticker on the rear fenders, similar to those:
(Picture found on!)