Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

DME Relay failure / hood lifter

Today I was haunted by the DME relay failure - a common problem on old Porsches. The car won't start! As usual - exactly when I have no time...
But there was no way around it. The Porsche has to leave the garage to make room for more important work. So, out with the relay and a "breadboard" test on the table:
A 12V power source ( in this case 11,1 V - but good enough for that job) a few jumper cables and an Ohmmeter. That is all it takes to check the status of the relay. The clipped-on cap is easy to remove, then there is a good description on clarks garage how to measure resistance. One circuit was dead. According to the experts, usually it helps to re-solder all joints.
A few blobs of solder later and the car started right away - result!
But as you can see, the contact pins have seen better days, so I ordered a new relay. It will rest in my glovebox - just in case...
The contact pins almost look burned - there is a lot of constant load on those during operation - which is basically as soon as the car starts or runs!

Just minutes before I also installed new hood lifters, as the old ones were a little tired, of course I chose OEM quality for the replacement parts:
A 5 minute job and only 23,80€ invested, but worth the effort. Now the hood will stay up any time.