Dienstag, 16. April 2019

Some updates I made during the last 12 months...

Man, I have to catch up with some things I did in the past year, when the Blog was offline.
In January 2019 I changed the oil in the transaxle gearbox. I am not really sure, but most probably for the first time ever!
Coincidentally, it was exact at 269.000 km on the odometer

The biggest challenge were the drain plugs, they were rusted solid with the transaxle housing and took a lot of time and the use of numerous swear words before they were removed. The old oil was drained and a new drain plug was mounted, then the good stuff was filled in:

Finally another new plug, fresh from the VW dealer was mounted to finish the job:

 In August 2018 I repaired the Targa roof levers. The hinges were broken and the screws were rusty:

  I bought all required parts at the Porsche dealer - once more, much cheaper than advertised on ebay!

 The pins had to be pushed out, the levers themselves were fine, so they could be re-used on the new hinges, as well as the pins:

 All it takes is a good pair of pliers:

 Final result, working hinges with new, shiney screws:

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