Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2020

Another year passed by with no drama!

Wow, I just checked the Blog and I can't believe it is already a full year without updates! But, actually, there wasn't much to report. The electrical opening for the trunklatch is inoperable since several months. Even another release motor couldn't fix that - but as long as the latch works with the key cylinder, that's fine for me. Then, in January I received a blurry picture from a speed trap. 25€ wasn't a big deal, it just bothered me, because I know exactly the location of the speed trap and I pass by it every single day - I must have been still asleep or something...

Then, finally some work was done to the Porsche. One of the pre-owners decided to mount an antenna for a cell phone, most probably in the early 90's, when it was "the thing" to have cell phone in the car. The antenna is long gone and left a gaping hole, which I covered with an Alpin white painted plug, but when I did that, when I initially "resurrected" the car, I already noticed some rust and bubbling paint in that area of the roof. It got worse in the last years, this is how it looked like a few weeks ago:

after removing the plug, the (w)hole picture revealed the horror:

Removing all of the paint and rot, was the next step:

a little "booger welding" later:

and finally, after some grinding, the patch was almost invisible:

I took my time with welding and grinding, trying to keep the area as cool as possible to avoid warping and distortion of the sheetmetal, which worked really good. A lick of zinc primer will protect the patch until the painter will take care of several issues:
  • the bonnet (or hood) needs a repaint
  • the roof and targa roof obviously need als a fresh lick of paint
  • I managed to "deform" the left front wing in my own driveway, this is most probably the biggest job
When the car is back from the paint booth, I will install the (fake) Fuchs wheels again. I protected the polished lips with a ceramic coating which shall avoid the burn-in of the brake dust... If it really works I don't know yet, but I will find out soon!

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